Sean Riggs, CRNP

Sean Riggs obtained his nursing degree at the University of Alabama in Huntville and completed his advanced practice degree in psychiatric mental health at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

His practice experience has included outpatient care for adult community mental health centers, inpatient acute care, and private practice. He has performed the primary prescriber role for outpatient treatment, inpatient acute care, Assertive Community Treatment teams visiting patients in their homes, Crisis Residential Units and crisis stabilization for involuntarily court committed patients. Mr. Rigg’s expertise includes: mood and psychotic disorders, crisis de-escalation and resolution, medication management and positive coping strategies for chronic mental health illnesses.

Mr. Riggs prides himself in advocating for the patient and their families, assisting them in better understanding the nature of their challenges and helping them identify and obtain their personal goals of recovery. He stresses the importance of the patient’s personal engagement in all aspects of their journey to achieve resiliency and success.