William Elkington, MD

Dr. Elkington comes to the Alabama Psychiatry from Dothan, AL where he has worked in the community serving as a psychiatrist at both in-patient and out-patient settings. He will be joining the Alabama Psychiatry team and serving as a full-time psychiatrist on-site at the Dothan, AL location and remote via telemedicine at the Montgomery, AL clinic. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Elkington was a chemical engineer for 14 years and brings the non-physician “real-life” perspective into his daily philosophy of treatment as a psychiatrist. He attended medical school and Residency at West Virginia University and feels like this time gave him a great experience and strong foundation in the field. Dr. Elkington has interests in PTSD and bettering the practical treatment of patients. He and his wife have a son going to Auburn where he is in the Auburn University band. They expanded their family one year ago and adopted a 7-year old boy that has brought additional joy to their family. In his spare time, he enjoys snow skiing, reading, basketball, and college athletics.